Compass Walk



Marco Joubert & Kurt Peterson




November 21, 2011.


A five-hour walk from Polonia Triangle in Chicago, Illinois,

to a piece of waste land bordering the suburb of Cicero's

eponymous avenue, in an attempt to reach the farthermost

identifiable object on the horizon, as seen from the

windows of Noble Square Coop's apartment 1810

(1165 North Milwaukee Avenue). A compass reading

for the chimney-like object would then be used as a

guideline to navigate through the city grid, a new

reading being taken at each intersection or so. Keeping

course at 37° SW as best as possible led to a partial

success; a fenced industrial complex preventing further

advance marked the end of the undertaking, a short

distance away from target, by then visible.




Marco Joubert | Filmmaker + cinegrapher


11:00  Polonia Triangle (Compass Walk's starting point)

11:45  N Oakley Blvd & W Kinzie St

11:50  N Oakley Blvd

12:15  N Artesian Ave & W Lake St

12:30  N California Ave &  W Washington Blvd

12:40  W Washington Blvd &  N Sacramento Blvd

12:55  N Sacramento Blvd & I-290

13:10  Back alley near S Spaulding Ave & W Harrison St

13:10  Back alley near S Spaulding Ave & W Harrison St

13:25  W Arthington St

15:45  Empty field near S Cicero Ave & 32nd St (Closest point to Midwest Generation's Crawford Station)

End of Compass Walk