The Primordial Impasse





« Why be afraid of the nothing in store

for us when it is no different

from the one which preceded us? »

A man shares his thoughts on the condition

preceding our birth. A handful of fortuitous

auditors are ephemerally linked by the

synchronous experience of listening to this

reflexive message. The project is based

on the writings of philosopher Emil Cioran.




Experimental short film • Runtime: 03:20

4K Video • Color

Aspect ratio: 1,78:1 • Language: French




Screenwriting, directing, photography,

editing, sound design, production:

Marco Joubert

Narrator: Jean Marchand

Listeners: Alex Horvat, Arno Paré

and Emm Rodriguez

Extras / Hands: Geneviève Guernier

and Emm Rodriguez

Original Music: Nicholas Gnatenko




Winner: Best Photography Award,

Three Minutes Video Competition,

Chiayi, Taiwan, 2022


Winner: Best Experimental Short,

Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2022


Winner: Best Editing,

Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2022


Nominee: Best Director,

Busan New Wave Short Film Festival,

Busan, South Korea, 2022


Nominee: Best Experimental,

Korea International Short Film Festival,

Seoul, South Korea, 2022


Nominee: Best MLC Jewel - Experimental,

MLC Awards,

North Little Rock, United States, 2023


Nominee: Best Cinematography,

New York Odyssey Film Festival,

New York City, United States, 2022


Nominee: Best Cinematography,

Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2022


Nominee: Best Original Idea,

Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2022


Nominee: Best Music,

Top Indie Film Awards, Tokyo, Japan, 2022


Official Selection, 21114 Film Fest,

Novi Sad, Serbia, 2022


Official Selection, Athens International

Digital Film Festival, Athens, Greece, 2022


Official Selection, Cut International Short

Film Festival, Linwood, United States, 2022


Official Selection, Deep Fried Film Festival,

Airdrie, United Kingdom, 2022


Official Selection, Festival Fotogenia,

Mexico City, Mexico, 2022


Official Selection, FINCORTEX - Festival

Internacional de Cortometrajes

Experimentales, Tunja, Colombia, 2023


Official Selection, Lifft India Filmotsav -

World Cine Fest, Lonavala, India, 2022


Official Selection, SATX Cinema Showdown,

San Antonio, United States, 2022


Finalist, International Moving

Film Festival, Abadan, Iran, 2022


Honorable Mention, Tokyo International

Monthly Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan, 2022




Veterinarska Ambulanta Darvin,

Novi Sad, Serbia, 12/2022


Udruženje CPZV, Novi Sad, Serbia, 12/2022


Studio New Star Art Cinema,

Athens, Greece, 12/2022


Centro Cultural Jaime Torres Bodet,

Mexico City, Mexico, 11/2022


Levoy Theatre, Millville, United States, 10/2022



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