Marco Joubert is a self-taught Canadian

filmmaker and video artist, with a background

in architecture and visual arts. His audiovisual

practice, characterized by its formal rigor,

tends toward the development of a personal

language, situated at the crossroads of

cinema, video art and poetry.


Thematically, his work revolves around the

specificity of the human condition: the

implications of our capacity to think and

reason; the gap between material comfort

and our basic needs; the difficulty of

communicating with others; and the ever-

looming presence of our mortality. It is about

the creation of otherworldly realities that still

have the power to resonate with our common

experiences as human beings.


Professional experiences, film shoots,

workshops, residencies or invitations to

festivals have brought him to Nebraska,

Chicago, Prague, London, Ottawa, Brussels,

Spain, Los Angeles and Minsk.


The works he has directed, co-directed or

co-created were rewarded by the attribution

of eleven awards, in addition to earning some

forty nominations; they were screened in

Canada, the United States, Peru, Spain,

Portugal, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, India and Australia.




m.joubert [at]