A Woman Torn in Half (2018-2019)



Hélène is packing the contents of her flat. She does so elegantly,

meticulously, smuggling her private sense of beauty into the labor.


She has managed to tame her solitude, but her belongings provoke

recollections, reminders of an unintended past: a child she never

thought she could love, a lover she never thought she should find.

Her memory is held and drawn in the irreconcilable nature of her two loves.


Even after so long, things have not changed:

she is haunted and torn beyond mending.



Narrative short film • Runtime: 20:00 • Full HD Video • Color

Aspect ratio: 1,66:1 • Languages: French and English



Screenwriting: Geneviève Guernier and Marco Joubert

Directing, photography, editing, sound design, production:

Marco Joubert

Production assistance: Geneviève Guernier

Technical and directing assistance: Matthew Powell

Additional technical assistance: William McQuarrie

Interpretation: Marie Tifo, Pierre Curzi, Myriam Herman, Steve Pilarezik,

Geneviève Guernier, Sienna Kuiper and Axelle Roy-Beaulieu

Equipment rental:



Marco Joubert | Filmmaker + cinegrapher







Winner: Silver Remi Award, Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, Houston, United States, 2020


Official Selection, Alternative Film Territory, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2019


Official Selection, BUEIFF Channel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2020


Official Selection, Festival Cinemística, Granada, Spain, 2019


Official Selection, International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, India, 2019


Semi-finalist, International Moving Film Festival, Abadan, Iran, 2019


Semi-finalist, Realtime International Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria, 2020


First Round Selection, The Lift-Off Sessions, Iver, United Kingdom, 2019




Corrala de Santiago, Granada, Spain, 11/2019


Kairali Theatre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, 06/2019




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